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Haryana’s Land Registry Revolution: Insights by Tricity News Hub


Haryana’s Land Registry Procedure to See Significant Changes; Ensuring Massive Benefits to the Public

In a noteworthy move, the Haryana Government is contemplating major modifications to the existing land registry process. The Haryana Revenue Commission is set to submit a report outlining a host of proposed changes intended to render the system more transparent and user-friendly for the public. This news comes as a significant update for the citizens of Haryana, which we at Tricity News Hub are more than keen to share with you.

The current registry process, which ranges from numberdars to tehsildars, is set to be overhauled. It is expected that modifications will be implemented to their respective roles. Additionally, consideration is being given to establishing a separate cadre for the tehsildars in charge of registration.

Notably, the entire registration process within the state will be based on a single-window system, much like the visa system. This will help streamline operations, make the system more efficient, and reduce the need for repetitive actions.

Identity Reliance on a Unique Number

Since the time of the British, reliance has been placed on numberdars for identity verification during the registry process. The government has now assimilated all the information about any family in the Family Identity Card. Consequently, the Revenue Commission will recommend the government to facilitate the identification process via the Family Identity Card, replacing the dependence on numberdars.

The Haryana Revenue Commission will advise the government to establish a single-window for the registration process. In this method, all the land-related documents will be completed in the initial phase itself. If the documents are not complete, the file will not proceed further.

Benefits to the Public

The Commission is striving to establish a process that makes the registry process entirely faceless, eliminating the need for the officer to see the face of the person getting the registration done. This will not only expedite the process but also make it more convenient and less intimidating for the public. Moreover, thoughts are being given to segregate the cadre of tehsildars executing the registry and other revenue-related tasks.

The rationale behind this approach is that currently, tehsildars are occupied with numerous other tasks apart from registry. This often leads to long wait times for people looking to get their registry done.

What the Chairman Has to Say

According to V.S Kundu, Chairman of the Haryana Revenue Commission, anyone who comes for registration deposits a certain fee. The commission will propose to provide all the facilities for registration at a single window, simplifying the registry process. There’s a need to review the roles of the tehsildar and the numberdar in the entire process. The Commission is currently preparing the report which will be submitted to the government soon. The final decision rests with the government.

Here at Tricity News Hub, we are committed to keeping our readers informed about these crucial changes and developments. Stay tuned for more updates.

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