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Zhu Sector 7 Chandigarh: A Hidden Gem in the Heart of the City


Nestled in the bustling streets of Sector 7 (backside), Chandigarh, Zhu – A Pan Asian Cocktail Bar stands as a beacon for gourmet lovers and nightlife enthusiasts alike. With its beautifully done rooftop seating and cozy angeethi arrangements for the winter season, Zhu offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience that captures the essence of Pan Asian cuisine and the vibrancy of Chandigarh’s social scene.

Zhu Sector 7 Chandigarh

At Zhu, every dish tells a story, rooted deeply in the rich traditions of Pan Asian culinary excellence. From the must-try spring rolls to the delectably spicy chili tofu, each menu item is crafted with the utmost care and expertise, ensuring a taste that lingers long after the meal is over.

The heart of Zhu Sector 7 lies in its kitchen, where Pan Asian cuisine is reimagined with an inventive twist. From the crispy, savory delight of spring rolls to the bold, umami-packed flavors of chili tofu, Zhu’s menu is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Asia. Each dish, meticulously prepared and beautifully presented, invites diners on a gastronomic journey that spans continents.

ZHU Sector 7 Chandigarh

Rooftop Seating Experience

Zhu’s rooftop is not just a dining space; it’s an immersive experience. Here, the ambiance is king, crafted meticulously through aesthetic decor and ambient lighting that dances across the faces of diners, enveloping them in a warm, inviting glow. Winter nights are particularly magical, with angeethi’s radiating warmth, adding a cozy, almost ethereal quality to the atmosphere.

The Aesthetic Downstairs Seating

Beyond the rooftop, Zhu’s aesthetic appeal continues in its downstairs seating area. This space, designed with an eye for elegance and comfort, offers a more intimate dining environment. Though it boasts a smaller capacity, it remains a perfect choice for hosting small-scale celebrations such as birthdays and kitty parties, providing a backdrop that is both chic and welcoming.

Making Reservations at ZHU Cafe Chandigarh

Access to this culinary haven is facilitated through a straightforward reservation process. Prospective visitors can secure their spot by contacting Zhu via phone. Given the popularity of the rooftop seating and the unique dining experience it offers, booking in advance is highly recommended, especially during peak seasons and hours.

Address: SCO 40, Sector 7 (backside), Chandigarh

For Reservations: 98779-46347‬ and ‪81460-24158‬

The Magic of Pan Asian Flavors

Delving deeper into Zhu’s culinary offerings, the menu is a canvas of Pan Asian flavors, each dish artfully crafted to showcase the diversity and complexity of the region’s cuisine. From appetizers that tantalize the taste buds to main courses that satisfy the soul, Zhu’s chefs excel in creating dishes that are both authentic and innovative.

Zhu Sector 7 distinguishes itself as an exceptional venue for celebrating life’s milestones. With bespoke services and personalized arrangements, the establishment ensures that every event, from intimate gatherings to lavish celebrations, is memorable. Zhu’s attention to detail and commitment to guest satisfaction make it an ideal choice for those seeking a venue that combines elegance with personal touch.

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Cocktails That Tell a Story

Zhu’s bar menu is a narrative of creativity and craftsmanship. Each cocktail, conceived by skilled mixologists, is not merely a beverage but a story in liquid form. These concoctions blend premium spirits with exotic ingredients, creating a symphony of flavors that elevate the dining experience and showcase the art of cocktail making.

ZHU Chandigarh Menu

Embark on an unforgettable culinary journey with the ZHU Chandigarh menu, where each dish is a masterpiece of flavor and artistry. From the appetizing start with their signature spring rolls, known for their crispy exterior and tender filling, to the delectable chili tofu that perfectly balances spice and savory, ZHU Cafe Chandigarh offers a diverse selection that caters to every palate.

Zhu Sector 7 Chandigarh


Specializing in Pan Asian cuisine, the menu skillfully combines traditional recipes with modern twists, ensuring a dining experience that’s both authentic and innovative. Favorites among patrons include succulent dim sums, aromatic curries, and stir-fried delights, each prepared with fresh ingredients and a dedication to culinary excellence.

Whether you’re a lover of bold spices or prefer subtle flavors, ZHU’s menu promises a gastronomic adventure that celebrates the rich and diverse culinary heritage of Asia, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts in Chandigarh

Zhu’s Contribution to Chandigarh’s Nightlife

In a city teeming with bars and nightlife options, Zhu Sector 7 carves out a niche for itself with its unique blend of gourmet cuisine, innovative cocktails, and unparalleled ambiance. It stands as a testament to what a dining and social venue can offer, setting new standards for Chandigarh’s nightlife and emerging as a beacon for those in search of an exceptional night out.

As a Pan Asian cocktail bar, Zhu has set a new standard for dining and nightlife in Chandigarh. Its exclusive offerings, from the rooftop ambiance to the exquisite Pan Asian cuisine, make it a landmark in Sector 7. Zhu cocktail bar Chandigarh is not just a place to eat and drink; it’s a destination that promises an experience unlike any other.

ZHU – A Pan Asian Cocktail Bar

The acclaim Zhu Sector 7 has garnered from its patrons is a reflection of its excellence. Guests frequently commend the establishment for its culinary prowess, the enchanting ambiance, and the meticulous service. These endorsements serve as a testament to zhu Cafe Chandigarh enduring appeal and its place in the hearts of those who’ve experienced its magic.

Zhu Sector 7 Chandigarh

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Behind the Scenes at Zhu Sector 7

The soul of Zhu Sector 7 is its team – a collective of individuals united by their passion for hospitality and the culinary arts. The chefs, mixologists, and service staff are the backbone of Zhu Sector 7, each playing a pivotal role in creating the unforgettable experiences that guests have come to expect. Their dedication and creativity are the foundation upon which Zhu’s reputation is built.

In keeping with its innovative spirit, Zhu Sector 7 regularly updates its menu with seasonal specials, offering diners new flavors and experiences with each visit. These limited-time offerings are a reflection of the establishment’s dynamic approach to dining, celebrating the seasons through culinary creativity and flair.

Why Choose ZHU Chandigarh Sector 7 for Your Next Outing

Zhu Sector 7 Chandigarh is not just a dining destination; it’s an experience, a journey through the flavors, aromas, and textures of Pan Asian cuisine, complemented by artisanal cocktails and an ambiance that whispers tales of elegance and allure. For those in Chandigarh and beyond, Zhu Sector 7 offers a gateway to an evening of sophistication, warmth, and unparalleled culinary delight.

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