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Apple GPT: A Revolutionary AI Leap from the Tech Titan


Apple GPT: The Tech Giant’s Answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT

The global artificial intelligence landscape is bracing for a new player as Apple GPT – the latest project by the tech giant – enters the fray. This development comes in the wake of the success enjoyed by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which has spurred a flurry of new AI chatbot innovations.

Apple’s answer to this trend, dubbed Apple GPT, is based on its large language model “Ajax”, which in turn is built on Google’s JAX framework. This innovative framework is designed to expedite machine learning research and operates on Google Cloud.

Just like its contemporaries, Google Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing AI, Apple GPT has capabilities that include summarising text and providing informed responses to queries based on pre-fed data. These are exciting features that Apple is leveraging for its new AI chatbot.

However, the rollout of AI was momentarily halted due to potential security concerns regarding generative AI. According to Bloomberg, despite these concerns, This AI is now accessible to an increasing number of Apple employees, albeit with required approval.

Apple’s dive into the AI chatbot arena is being led by multiple teams, with some focusing specifically on addressing the privacy issues inherent to this technology, while others are engaged in product prototyping.

Recently, Apple has ramped up its hiring efforts, bringing on board engineers and scientists with a specialty in artificial intelligence. The move suggests a strong push towards the development of AI and the advancement of AI technology.

The project is being guided by Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, and John Giannandrea, both notable figures within the company. With Giannandrea’s experience in overseeing Siri and its machine learning capabilities, Apple’s digital assistant could be in line for a significant upgrade.

While the development of AI is underway, the company’s exact plans for the chatbot remain under wraps. There are speculations that Apple could make a “significant AI-related announcement” sometime next year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged the potential of generative AI in a recent investor call. However, he also emphasized the need to address the technology’s challenges, hinting at why the launch of this AI may be taking its time.

With this AI’s development in the pipeline, the AI landscape is poised for exciting times. Stay tuned to Tricity News Hub for more updates on this story and the latest news in the world of technology

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