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Weather Update: Next 5 Days in Chandigarh: Rain Showers in Forecast


Expect Rain in Chandigarh for the Next Five Days

With the monsoon in full swing, the Meteorological Department forecasts rain in Chandigarh for the next five days, according to Tricity News Hub. A potential thunderstorm or lightning is anticipated at isolated locations from July 17 to 18. In this weather update, we’ll delve into the expected “Weather in Chandigarh for the next 5 days.”

Residents of the city woke up to light rainfall yesterday, with 0.2 mm of precipitation recorded from 8:30 am to 8:30 am today, followed by a minor drizzle. This indicates a continuity in the monsoon trend which the city has been experiencing since June 1. The city has registered an impressive 733.3-mm rainfall to date, marking an increase of 160.1 per cent over the normal rainfall.

Temperatures in the city also remain in the normal range, with the maximum temperature recorded at 34.1°C, slightly above the average. On the other hand, the minimum temperature stayed at a regular 27.2°C. The weather department predicts that the maximum and minimum temperatures will stay steady without much variation in the next week.

For those wondering about the “Weather in Chandigarh for the next 5 days,” prepare for a week filled with rainy skies. As the city continues to enjoy above-average rainfall this season, residents are advised to take necessary precautions when planning their outdoor activities.

Keep checking Tricity News Hub for the latest updates on “Weather in Chandigarh for the next 5 days” and stay ahead of the weather patterns in the region.

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