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Chandigarh’s PGI Serial Phone Thief Captured: 10 Phones Found


Serial Phone Thief Targeting Chandigarh’s PGI Patients and Relatives Arrested; 10 Mobiles Recovered | Tricity News Hub

Chandigarh Police have successfully nabbed a suspect involved in a string of phone thefts, primarily targeting patients’ relatives at the Post Graduate Institute (PGI) of Medical Education and Research. Identified as Munna, a 22-year-old resident of Gopalganj in Bihar, he has been residing on the streets, public inns, and parks around the PGI in Chandigarh.

Munna was known to prey on individuals sleeping in the parks, most of whom were relatives of the patients at PGI. He has been engaged in these unlawful activities for almost 6-7 years. Besides the PGI area, the suspect also operated in places like Punjab University Sector and Sector 15, among others. Chandigarh Police have recovered ten mobile phones from his possession.

The suspect has a history of substance abuse. After stealing the phones, Munna used to accumulate them and hand them over to his accomplice. These stolen phones were then taken to Bihar and sold off. The proceeds from these sales were primarily used to sustain Munna’s addiction to narcotics. His incessant need for drugs was what propelled him to continue with his theft operations.

Interestingly, Munna had been caught by locals in the village of Kishangarh in Chandigarh around a month ago while attempting another phone theft. However, due to his disability of having one hand severed, he was let go by the locals. Munna exploited this sympathy to evade the law repeatedly.

This arrest is a significant breakthrough for the Chandigarh Police in their relentless pursuit against street crime. It sends a clear message about their commitment to maintaining safety and security in the city.

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