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Chandigarh Train Services Disrupted: All Trains Canceled and Routes Changed Due to Track Disruption | Latest Updates


In a significant development, the Chandigarh train services have been severely disrupted due to track disruptions caused by heavy rainfall. The persistent downpour has led to the accumulation of water and debris on the railway tracks, rendering them unsuitable for safe operations. As a result, all train services in and out of Chandigarh have been canceled until further notice, impacting thousands of passengers relying on this crucial mode of transportation.

The decision to cancel Chandigarh train services was made in light of the safety concerns and the need to ensure passenger well-being.

The affected routes of Chandigarh Train Services include popular trains such as the

  1. Chandigarh-Lucknow Express (Train No. 15012)
  2. Chandigarh-New Delhi Shatabdi Express (Train No. 12046)
  3. Vande Bharat Express (Train No. 24448)
  4. Garib Rath (Chandigarh-Ajmer) (Train No. 12984)
  5. Una-New Delhi Jan Shatabdi Express (Train No. 12058)
  6. Chandigarh-AMU (Train No. 12688), among others.

Furthermore, to mitigate the inconvenience caused by the disruptions, the railway authorities have made changes to the routes of certain trains.

The Trains whose routes have been changed include

  1. Amritsar-Mumbai (Train No. 12904)
  2. Amritsar-Howrah (Train No. 13006)
  3. Amritsar-Mumbai (Train No. 12926)
  4. Amritsar-New Delhi (Train No. 12460)
  5. Amritsar-Banmankhi (Train No. 14618)
  6. Jammu Tawi-Tatanagar (Train No. 18310)
  7. Jammu Tawi-Sialdah (Train No. 13152)
  8. Jammu Tawi-Kanpur (Train No. 12470)
  9. Jammu Tawi-Jaisalmer (Train No. 14646)
  10. Pathankot-New Delhi (Train No. 22430)
  11. Katra-Ambadkar Nagar (Train No. 12920)
  12. Ahmedabad-Jammu Tawi (Train No. 19223)
  13. Jammu Tawi-Ahmedabad (Train No. 19224)

The cancellation and route changes have had a significant impact on passengers, the local community, and the tourism industry in Chandigarh. Travelers and commuters relying on these train services have been left stranded, requiring them to make alternative arrangements and readjust their plans accordingly. The disruption in Chandigarh train services has not only affected individual travel but has also had broader economic implications for businesses and tourism activities in the region.

The railway authorities are working diligently to address the track disruptions and restore normalcy to Chandigarh train services. The safety and well-being of passengers remain their utmost priority. They are closely monitoring the situation, carrying out necessary repairs, and assessing the tracks’ readiness for train operations. Regular updates and advisories are being provided to keep passengers informed about the progress and expected resumption of train services.

In the meantime, passengers planning to travel to or from Chandigarh are advised to stay updated with the latest announcements from the railway authorities. They should consider alternative modes of transportation, such as buses or private vehicles, to avoid inconvenience and ensure timely travel. It is crucial to prioritize safety and plan accordingly until train services are fully restored.

The disruption in Chandigarh train services serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of weather and the impact it can have on transportation systems. While such disruptions are unfortunate, they highlight the need for efficient contingency plans and alternative travel arrangements during emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.

Chandigarh Train Services

In conclusion

The Chandigarh train services have been disrupted due to track disruptions caused by heavy rainfall. All train services to and from Chandigarh have been canceled, including trains such as the Chandigarh-Lucknow Express, Chandigarh-New Delhi Shatabdi Express, Vande Bharat Express, and others. Additionally, certain trains have had changes to their routes. Passengers are advised to reschedule their plans and consider alternative modes of transportation until train services are restored. The railway authorities are actively working to address the issues and restore normalcy as soon as possible. Stay updated with the latest announcements and prioritize safety during this time of disruption.

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